" No society can profess itself to be a utopia. "➳˚. What is Utopia? ⊂⊃﹕ Hashtag ⪩ #ユートピアUTA Utopia ﹒✶ ꔫ===========================================A perfect society international smule group, which is also a story-telling group in which people work well with each other and are happy, also focuses on bonding and having fun!Our main topic for singing is Utaite, but we do quite a lot of other genres as well, such as Vocaloid, Rap Battle, Idol Anime, Anisongs, etc. So it's mixed?
Quite! But Utaite songs are the main priority.
Within this community, no one is free to judge and slander others. All of Utopia's members will be bonded by peace and positivity only.Slowly, we will sing covers on Youtube soon⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. A story telling group? The Utopia stories were based on past events that each ruler went through before the god of joy created the Utopia world. Haunting memories are still lingering for each of them. Can one be able to solve inexhaustible puzzles?A mystery-based group that has tons of enigmas. To escape from here, you must uncover the truth about all of the ruler's haunting memories.⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. What are elements?Inside the UTOPIA WORLD, the abilities users have are based on mana from these classical fifth elements.『 火 』⊂⊃『 Fire 』
『 土 』⊂⊃『 Earth 』
『 風 』⊂⊃『 Wind 』
『 水 』⊂⊃『 Water 』
『 空 』⊂⊃『 Aether/Void 』
『 火 』Fire, commonly associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion.『 土 』Earth, associated with qualities of heaviness, matter and the terrestrial world.『 風 』Wind, associated with the octahedron.『 水 』Water, commonly associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition.『 空 』Aether/Void, the celestial energy, Aether is associated with quintessence while Void was associated with emptiness.These Element users can be either friends or foes. This mana is naturally given to individuals who were born between two classical elements and possess energy from another world. They are quite rare as well, but if you do meet one, never look back and run till you lose their sight. Some of the Utopians have the goal of possessing that mana, but those who went out on the adventure will never be found again. They feed on living energy and can reverse the Utopia world. ⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. What are Utopians and guilds?The Utopians are members of the Utopia world's eight guilds who are passionate individuals but live for different purposes. They are led by 天皇.Members of the Utopians are divided into eight different guilds, each of which is led by a utopian who has been bestowed authority as the captain of the guild. They have broad authority within their respective guilds and over the recruitment of new members as the captains of new guilds.1st Wave
1)Meilora (Greek)
2)NephtVoid (Egypt)
3)Solaris & Meztli (Hong kong)
4)Wu Xihe Yan (Shanghai)
2nd Wave
5)Foidèlemour (French)
6)Vikørk (Norway)
7)Liên (Vietnam)
8)Ërémidülosus (Roman)
Second wave auditions is opened now!!hosted in September.⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. What was the Utopia Exam?The Utopia exam is an event that God of Joy organized to select potential candidates for the new guilds. when the event occurs, you will get the puzzle to fix the mystery inside the discord server, and all 4 rulers are in attendance to observe the contestants, as they would personally select the new recruits whom they wished.⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. What was the Conferment Ceremony?A perennial event where Utopians who have performed and displayed outstanding results are being promoted at the main headquarters by 天皇.⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. RanksUtopians are differentiated through ranks, which represent their status within this world. Reaching a higher rank is possible for every Utopians based on their performance.The Utopian' ranks are as follows:Emperors/Gods 「 天皇 」
Rulers 「 領主 」
Captain 「 団長 」
Grand Utopian「 大 」
Senior Utopian「 上級 」
Intermediate Utopian「中級」
Junior Utopian 「 下級 」
The highest rank in the city was 天皇 . Below it, Utopians are divided into six other ranks.⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. What are Utopia Rulers?Rulers are senior utopians who were always tasked by the god of joy. When they got orders from him, the ruler tended to put their rivalry aside and work together on their tasks. Even though rulers have their main headquarters, they prefer to be in their own hideout.
If a ruler feels that they are no longer right for the position, then they have the right to step down and choose their successor.
⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. Why there is no ruler for new guilds?We will be hosting the Utopia exam to find promising potential contestants along with four rulers.Meilora and NephtVoid captains will be recruiting for Foidèlemour, Vikørk, Liên.S&M and WXY captains will be recruiting for Solaris & Meztli, Wu Xihe Yan, Ërémidülosus.⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. What is a hazy recollection?Hazy Recollection was the storyline of a former member before Utopia was rebranded. They managed to survive the trails that the God of Joy created when corruption occurred. A series of Utopians events with connected characters and stories.⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. What are guild activities?Guild activities are monthly challenges, aka moncha in Utopia, and are kind of becoming a tradition. Only utopians are allowed to participate!⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. What are utopian bonds?The following are events that are for Utopian and Lurker in the dialogue, as well as events such as guild exams and fun activities that occur during the storyline interactions. The storylines are based on Utopians who were lurkers before they became Utopians. Remind yourself that these storylines won't be in order! The story characters will be displayed by some of the utopian characters.If contestants catch the culprit, it will be written as failed beside the title of the storylines.

⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. Prologue (The begining)The nature of human greed, betrayals, miscommunication, and a judgmental society leads people to escape from reality.The people who fell into despair and the people who were in a state of boredom were isekai'ed into a world called "Utopia."In the Utopia world, selected individuals can use their magic from the four classical world elements: fire, wind, water, and earth, which were blessed by the God of Joy.Will you choose to remain at the same standard? or seize this chance for a different reason?Which individual travelers would disclose the mysteries of Utopia?➳˚. Tale 1 (Lost lurker) A place where people can rest assured without worries, do things they love, have enjoyable moments, and have nostalgia.The Utopia creator, God of Joy, blessed these chosen individuals, who seem to have become known inside the Utopia world.Blessings such as protection, wisdom, wealth, strength, peace, bravery, healing, and fame are given to chosen individuals."Of course, happiness doesn't last."➳˚. Tale 2 (Guild Exam)Are you here as wanderers or curious individuals who are willing to be part of any guilds in Utopia? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE FOR THAT!! Don’t get lost while wandering around the city!!!Fear or not, the legendary military force from the Shanghai Guild, "Wu Xihe Yan," Azura, are remarkable individuals who serve for the government. They are here to hunt down all immoral acts and bad deeds.But for different reasons, Azura is here to scrutinize the mystery of "call back" curses that have taken place in the city recently.We are looking for potential individuals who will uncover the truth about Utopia!! In this second event, Utopia rulers Meilora, NephtVoid, and Wu Xihe Yan leaders were going to be taking some of the participants as their colleagues for their purposes!!But wait, it seems a little different somehow…? These individuals' demeanors and dissimilar manners look the same, but there are people who share the same memories….Would you be willing to take a look inside to see what lies behind this mystery?On the first night, you will experience the corrupted memory that belongs to previous participants who have broken the rules.Try to survive corruption and fake reality, and don't get devoured by devils! Follow the voice of God, and you will be blessed by it !!➳˚. Tale 3 (Aether)The Utopia entrance exam begins with all of the rulers except Azura, the leader of Wu Xihe Yan, who is investigating more information about the culprit.The contestants are entering the main headquarters to hear the announcement of the Utopia exam for stage 1, and it seems only a few of them can solve the mystery. The supervisor of the exam, Valden, who is the God of Joy, explains to the examinees about the rule and how their guild formation works.Examinees will be called out by Val, while rulers are keeping an eye on their tasks. The rulers picked out potential candidates they chose to associate with.At the end, when Val was about to reveal the final result for examinees, Azura crashed in the middle of the announcement, pulling out her sword and pointing towards Tuna, who was the NephtVoid captain, and saying, "It must be delightful to be blessed by nature, you criminal."The announcement of the final result was postponed to settle the evaluation between captains. The Utopians are frightened to hear that nature's mana was among them the whole time.What will happen to the NephtVoid captain? Tuna seemed unfazed by the whole situation; who was she?"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pain to bring it to light."⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰

P.S - The guild is inspired by culture and theory.
Language knowledge is not part of these guilds. Remember that this is a story-based group.
・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ Meilora (Faith)A Greek theme-based guild that acquires the blessing of protection, A justified police force of individuals that protects the weak from risks and endangerment always solves matters that are considered to be extremely ferocious for the metropolitan police to handle.・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ NephtVoid (Wisdom)An Egypt theme-based guild that acquires the blessing of wisdom, underworld criminals, and mysterious individuals that are rarely to be seen inside the Utopia world. We have no clues about them, but their remarkable impact was sheltered, isolated, and concealed. Mysteries are uncovered by them in their daily lives.・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ Solairs & Meztil (Sympathy)A Hong Kong theme-based guild that acquires the blessing of wealthiness travels across the world with their luxurious cruise ship. Individuals that were pretty chill and establishing the business of their interests. Inside the guild, it was separated into yin and yang energy users, but they are all together to keep each other balanced.・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ Wu Xihe Yan (Duty)A Shanghai theme-based guild that acquires the blessing of strengths, Prime Military forces deal with cases that even Meilora can’t handle. They hunt down all the underground organizations and criminals that escape from prison and investigate the chaotic circumstances of abnormal activities. These individuals were chosen by Utopia's creator, the God of Joy, for government instructions. ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・
Auditions are hosted from September to October.
Foidèlemour (Gratitude)A French theme-based guild that acquires the blessing of peace,・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ Vikørk (Loyalty)A Norway theme-based guild that acquires the blessing of bravery.・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ Liên (Devotion)A Vietnam theme-based guild that acquires the blessing of healing. ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ Ërémidülosus (Brotherhood)A Roman theme-based guild that acquires the blessing of fame, coming soon. ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・


Solairs & Meztil




Wu Xihe Yan



Coummunity Rules
Communication language: English only.
You must be at least 15 years of age to be a wanderer on the server.
Do not attempt to copy or gain inspiration from how we run the server, how our group theme was, and the layouts as well.
Any inappropriate comments or immature behaviors by minor contestants will be treated seriously.
Be respectful to the staff and contestants on this server.
Do not join this server with the intent of raiding it with many others (contestants only).
Don't ping or spam roles to staff if they're not important.
Use the channels labeled for their purposes properly.
Sending invite codes to a large number of people will only lead to trouble, and here we don't want that.
If you have a problem with another member, don't start drama here. Be mature and settle it nicely through your DMs.
If that doesn't work, then you can reach out to an available staff member or admin.
Feel free to share your published art or other content, but do not steal content from others.
Breaking one rule will not be tolerated and will be taken seriously.
To those who believe 'rules are meant to be broken,' be prepared to get banned forever from the server.
Please don't change the nickname when we have set it.

It seems that you have failed to capture the culprit. tehe As a result, contestants voted for Tuna, who got the most votes, and her true identity was discovered. OH NYOOOOO! It's punishment time, kek kek kek. Better get them right next time. But let me tell you something, folks! Someone has been messing with our information and secrets. It seems there is more than just one aether or void element user.

➳˚. Hazy Recollection Introductory event (Revamping)Time passes, and miscommunication and betrayal occur between former members. One tends to hurt the other mercilessly. Some of them are egoistical, some are guilt-trippers, and a few of them cause defamation.The deception between former members has finally come to an end. Former rulers decided to end members' perfidiousness by putting them on trial. Many of them lost their honesty and their true selves, but they have no choice but to create a better environment for fraternity. The former members who survived seem to have forgotten everything about their past. Now each of them has become a stranger."Renovated memories and divulged the secrets of the utopia." You are tasked with inspecting the memories, finding the survivors of the trails, and solving the mysteries of the event.➳˚. Hazy Recollection Act 1 (whose memories is this?)A mother's love is commonly thought of as an emotional investment between those who mother and those who are mothered, and social expectations reinforce motherhood as being underpinned by an innate psychological bond.A solitary human was always by herself in mortal life. She was just voyaging the seven seas. One day she decided to take a land tour, and while she was touring around the town, she heard a loud noise from the alley. She discovered the little red-haired girl being beat to death and thrown away. The woman has a kind nature; she picked up the little girl and took her back to the woman's ship. After a while, the little girl woke up; her expression was filled with hopelessness. A worried woman decides to slowly gain the trust of the little girl.As time passed, the little girl turned into a healthy adult woman. The woman realizes that the motherly role has been chosen for her. While the two of them were sailing together, the woman started to have some children that she adopted from other countries. The family was peaceful, and they created an organization just to find themselves in a situation of disapproval.Some former members are self-centered and force their beliefs until someone accepts them, even if it hurts others mentally and physically. This led the redhead girl to run away from the organization.The woman was saddened by how this turned out, which led to the gods deciding to have a trial between the former members. The woman knows this has come to an end and has to let go of some of her children.She survived the trial, but her new life as a demon began inside Utopia while all of her memories were wiped out until she found them again.➳˚. Hazy Recollection Act 2 (Childhood love)Desaulniers, a curious blondie girl who was the heir of Attorney, has a boyish and outgoing personality. At the age of 12, she was attending baroque. Wandering around the garden, she found a boy with red hair and emerald eyes alone. Curious by nature, the girl approached the boy. The boy seemed to be silent and mysterious, but funny enough, the girl managed to make the boy laugh. From that day on, two of them will escape from their homes and tour the town without worrying. The girl was worried about having failed time after time to make friends because she was different from other girls; she was really attached to the boy with emerald eyes.A few years later, the girl realizes the boy's parents are always ferocious and pugnacious; his father was abusive, while his mother was an alcoholic. Desaulniers will always drop by the boy's house to take him away from his parents, pain, fears, and negative emotions. The girl dreams about being an adult; once she grows up, she wants to make her single father happy, while the boy has no answer for his future yet. Gradually, both of them became more attached to each other, sharing secrets about each other, and the distance between them shrank. The father of Desaulniers was not pleased about seeing the boy, who transcended social status. The girl and the boy named their secret place "Ravello," a place where the love story begins between them. "To be young and to be in love is really beautiful." The girls' warmth and caring feelings make the boy smile. But this love is so bitter that these innocent children don't realize it.Their fate has twisted their love; the boy and his father have to depart the town where the girl lives. She rushed out to see the boy for the last time. She managed to catch on to the boy before he left; the boy seemed to be suffering from constant fever and headaches. The girl was afraid that the boy would forget about her when he started his new life in another town. The boy makes Pinky swear to the girl that he will not forget about her and that he will find her once they reach adulthood. The two of them exchanged their belongings as a sign of their love.Love is like a flower that hasn't bloomed completely yet. Even if fate and God turn their backs on the girl and the boy, they won't let go of the dream. One day, the flower will continue blooming for 100 years.

⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰➳˚. Call back curse (Failed)The captain of Nephtvoid was found guilty by the contestants for being a nature mana user; however, she was not the culprit; it seems she knew that person as well. Why does she decide to cover up for that person? What is she hiding behind the poker smile?Tuna: "Small minds can't comprehend my way of thinking. A bunch of your fools are swimming in your own death."Lurker TunaAfter Tuna got isekai'd, she was reborn as an orphan and a beast race and sold into prostitution; her personality was frosty, despite the fact that no one paid attention to it. But Meilora, the first captain, who was favored by everyone, wasn't ignored by everyone in his life until he noticed the beast girl. He has taken a liking to Tuna and was brought back to the main headquarters by pure curiosity—"What kind of expression will this beast show?" The man wondered, It seems this man was a maddog; instead, he would like to take advantage of his juniors and push them into death. Tuna wasn't able to make any friends when she was at the main headquarters, which was locked inside the chamber. She recognized she was favored by the Meilroa captain like a diamond, fragile and easy to break apart. The girl couldn't stand his fierceness and started to rebel against him, but it ended up taking someone's breath away. The girl realized only she was able to end this man's life. The ash of memory ended her with no further explanation. It seems she has a fire element. I wonder, Where does she get it from?